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Gap Cover a non-negotiable today

The event of experiencing gaps between what doctors charge and what medical aids pay is becoming more and more of a reality for us in todays times. I am sure that you, or at least somebody close to you, has been victim to this “GAP”  and we know now that some doctors can charge up to 600% (or 6x) of medical aid rates. The last thing most of us can afford is to get caught off guard with a bill that is thousands of rands and possibly more than what your medical aid is prepared to pay. BUT DON’T WORRY THERE IS A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM IF YOUR MEDICAL AID ONLY COVERS YOU AT MEDICAL AID RATES! So let’s talk about the solution to this problem (no matter what medical aid you belong to)! The solution to the problem is called Gap Cover and it does exactly what the name of the product i

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