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Rudi Bouwer joins The Wealth Room

Over the past 2 years I have been on a journey of discovering my purpose. Not the easiest of tasks I must say, but certainly a journey that has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. In this journey, I have discovered that our greatest gift in life is our relationships: our relationship with God, our families, our friends and our acquaintances. It is in these relationships that we discover our purpose. I firmly believe that the birthplace of opportunity lies within relationships. I say this because a true relationship is never one sided, it will always be a two-way streak, meaning that one party should never benefit from the relationship more than the other. Now this may seem obvious but putting it into practice may prove far more challenging then you may think. You see, I have come to find, that basically most people are good, but we are overcome by our own selfish desires. We have an insistent need to fulfill ourselves and see our own lives flourish as opposed to those around us. Why would I say this and why would it even matter? Because surely, we are all here on our own accord and we all have our own gifts and talents that aid us in achieving this life we want, a greater, more prosperous future. It’s almost as if this has become our decree and our very definition of success, but this is not true, nor is it fulfilling in any way. I have come to realize that our success is in direct proportion to our service to one another.

Being a young man in a very mature industry has given me the upside of sound mentor-ship along with 8 years of experience in learning from others mistakes and victories. It has not only given me the ability to identify how to overcome these mistakes and step into these victories but it has taught me how to articulate this in a practical way. I believe this plays a significant purpose in our society today as I have come across too many people that have spent a lifetime managing their finances incorrectly. The result of this is people not being able to retire or having to move back in with their children because they cannot further sustain their lifestyles. All of which could have been prevented if only better choices were made as a direct result of holistic planning.

After I had found that my purpose was to use my personal background, experience and qualifications to build real meaningful relationships through serving the people that come across my path. I realized that I need to find an environment that allows me to practice this notion to its full potential. This is where The Wealth Room comes in. I recently moved to The Wealth Room not only for the synergy in belief of not only marketing products but truly taking the time to give real holistic advice. The Wealth Room introduced me to integrated wealth planning process and it changed my life forever. Finally, I am able to offer my clients an experience that not only changes their financial situation but also changes their way of thinking. This very powerful tool aids you to get an overview of your goals and what you have in place to achieve these goals and more importantly where the gap is. It takes into consideration your current budget and future expenses and gives you a realistic overview of your unique story. An inordinate amount of time is spent in the background modeling a tailored made solution for you and your situation. Which is a far cry from the traditional way of laying down products in front of you and choosing the most affordable one.

I understand that in this volatile economic environment, it is important to stay focused, knowledgeable, and goal-orientated within every aspect of my client’s financial portfolio. My objective is to guide you, my client, to financial success by protecting you and your family, your business and employees, from expected and unexpected life events. I strive to add value, not only to your financial portfolio, but in every aspect of your journey towards financial freedom.

Along with The Wealth Room I believe that success is based on the fundamental principal of adding value to the life of my client, which is why I am passionate about guiding you through your financial journey, helping you to achieve your financial potential and ensuring that you reach your future financial success.

At The Wealth Room, our goal is to ensure that you always stay in control of your finances and never your finances in control of you. This is how life-long dreams become everyday reality and a legacy is left behind. With our integrated wealth planning process, we help you understand how much is enough, so you can regain control of your finances and follow your passions.




August 22, 2017


The Wealth Room

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