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Make the most out of your doctors visits

Finding the right doctor in your area

Discovery has payment arrangements with healthcare practitioners in our network. If you visit a network doctor, you will not have to pay part of the cost yourself as long as you have funds available in your Medical Savings Account. Members on the Smart plan have unlimited cover for GP consultations with a R50 co-payment in the Smart Plan network and full cover for video call consultations with a GP in the Smart Plan network. KeyCare Plus and Access members must always visit their chosen GP. Depending on your plan you may visit a doctor who isn’t in our network, but you might have to pay part of the bill from your own pocket.

You can find a healthcare provider near your work or home by logging into the Discovery website and using the Medical and Provider Search (MaPS) tool. It lists healthcare providers and gives their addresses, telephone numbers and shows how we will pay for your visit to the doctor.

Plan for your appointment

– Make a list of all the medicine you are taking, including vitamins and supplements.

The website can show you what medicine you were prescribed. Log in and mouse-over ‘HEALTH’. Click on ‘Health Records’. Remember to take the list to your doctor. If your doctor uses HealthID and you have given them permission to view your information, they can also see the medicine you’ve bought through the scheme. Anything you paid for yourself won’t be in our records.

-Write down details of your medical problem, including symptoms, when they started, how intense they are and what seems to make them better or worse.

-Make a list of any important health questions you may have for your doctor

Tell your doctor about HealthID

Your doctor to see your medical history according to what you’ve claimed through Discovery through HealthID. You need to give your doctor consent to access your Electronic Health Record. This will let them see details of your previous doctor and hospital visits, prescribed medicine, and data about previous tests you may have had. Your doctor can use HealthID to gain insight into the benefits of your medical aid plan, make referrals to other healthcare professionals, study your previous blood test results and write electronic prescriptions.

Ten terrific tips to make the most of your doctor’s appointment

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask your doctor to repeat themselves to make sure you understand what your doctor said before you leave.
  2. Make sure you know what you need to do next.
  3. If you need to have tests done, ask what the tests are for, when the results will be ready and how you will receive the results.
  4. If you are told you need to have an operation, ask what the benefits and risks are and whether there are other options.
  5. If you are prescribed new medicine, ask about any side effects and how to reduce them, what benefits to expect, how the new medicine will interact with your current medicine, and how long you will need to take the medicine.
  6. Ask if exercise or changes to your diet can help your treatment.
  7. Ask about support like who to contact if your symptoms get worse or if you have problems with the medicine, the names of support groups and where to go for reliable information.
  8. Ask what information a casualty doctor would need to know if you end up in an emergency room. Keep these details on you at all times.
  9. Ask for a simple description of your medical condition. Keep this information in a place you or a family member can easily find it.
  10. If you don’t understand any terms or words, ask the doctor to explain them and write them down.







October 11, 2016


Grant van Zyl

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