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Interview with Stephen Young

Stephen has been working as a programmer, architect and manager for the last 12 years so he has a strong bias towards helping junior programmers and software development teams improve and perform to the best of their ability.

He discusses the ins and outs of being a top programmer, gives helpful tips for future and current programmers, managers and entrepreneurs as well as letting us in on how he has learnt from past experiences, to become more and more successful.

Since Stephen was young he has always preferred teaching himself, rather than having a structured syllabus. This formed an obsession for constantly doing research and finding answers to the complicated things in life.

Over time he noticed that he was forming connections and finding patterns in unrelated fields and using knowledge he gained from studying the rudiments of things like cognitive psychology when trying to figure out why he was seeing certain behaviours in the teams that he worked in.

Stephen is interested in communicating and applying those underlying principles and connections in a way that is useful to the teams he works in.
Stephen enjoys to focus on underlying principles and not technologies.




December 3, 2014


Grant van Zyl

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